• Mind-minded comments are ones that let your child hear words that describe his own thinking or feelings - or somebody else’s.
  • For example:
    • “I wonder what you’re thinking?"
    • "You sure look like you feel happy today.”
    • “Do you remember this toy? You enjoyed playing with it yesterday.”
    • “I’m feeling tired. Are you feeling tired, too?”
    • “I have an idea! Let’s go outside for a walk!”
    • “I’m thinking.....Do I want milk? Or do I want juice? I’m trying to decide....”
  • No matter the age of your child, getting into the habit of using these kinds of comments is a powerful strategy.
  • Using comments like these ones often with your child can help him to develop a strong theory of mind.
  • Theory of mind is the ability to understand his own and others’ points of view.

Tip #2: The Bottom Line:
Use words often to describe how you, your child, and other people are thinking and feeling.  Words like:  think, wonder, idea, decide, feel, wish, enjoy, and  remember are great ones to include in conversations with your child! They help your child understand that everyone has their own thoughts and feelings.