Learning Language at Home

Learning Language at Home

All parents want the best for their baby. We know that healthy food helps grow a healthy baby. But to grow a healthy brain, babies need more. Babies need lots of loving words. For DHH babies, these loving words can be spoken or signed. When you feed your baby loving words, this is called Language Nu

Language nutrition is healthy in any language

It doesn’t matter if you talk, sign, or talk and sign with your baby, all languages help to grow your baby’s healthy brain!

An illustration of a baby saying "feed me words."

Feed Your Baby's Brain

Want to ensure your baby is getting their daily dose of language nutrition?

Child with cochlear implant learning ASL

American Sign Language Lessons

Get access to learning tutorials and online education for American Sign Language (ASL) training.

Woman reading to a baby. Both are smiling.

Habit Cards

Everyday conversations for little learners! Talk, sign, read, and sing with your baby every day! 

Help your child with language and communication by developing these 10 Habits.

Language Videos

For more information about what you can do at home to help your Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) baby learn language, check out the following video series for parent-friendly information! The videos in this series cover a range of communication options from sign language to listening and spoken language to bilingualism (using more than one language, this could be two spoken languages or one spoken language and one signed language).

Welcome to the series on supporting the communication development of deaf babies and toddlers with any level of hearing loss, from mild to profound.

Right from the moment they are born, babies are learning. One of the most important things they can learn about is how to communicate with other people.

Many of the developments that happen in a baby's first two years will be just the same for babies with hearing loss. But there are some important aspects of learning to communicate that they will need help with.

Tuning in and responding to your baby's communication is really important for supporting their language development. 

Learning language is all about learning how people use words or signs and sentences. But to learn how words or signs and sentences work, babies first need to be able to access them.

Now we will look at how we can communicate to make learning language easier for your baby.