Literacy: Reading and Writing

Literacy: Reading and Writing

Reading is an important component of your child’s overall development, and it begins well before your child goes to school. In fact, you are your child’s first and most important teacher! Early experiences that help children learn to talk and sign, engage with books, and draw and color support their path to literacy (reading and writing). Children who have a strong foundation in early literacy skills are set up for success in school and life.

Reading Resources

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Cox Campus Family

To learn more about five tips for engaging your child in a way that makes reading (and learning) feel like fun, check out Cox Campus Family.    

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Cox Campus Resource Library

Ready to share the love of reading with your child today? Download these awesome books about our friend, Amari, and start your child’s path to literacy!

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Fun Reading

For a fun reading adventure, visit Fur, Fluff, Feathers, and Scales - Animals A-Z, by Holly Valero.

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American Sign Language Lessons

Get access to learning tutorials and online education for American Sign Language (ASL) training.