• Communication is a two-way street, and you want your child to learn to not just understand other people, but to be able to communicate, too!
  • This means that you will want your child to be talking/signing with you (and others) just as much as you are with her!
  • It’s important that you make it clear to your child that you have a high expectation for her to talk/sign to communicate.
  • One way to convey that expectation is by prompting your child to reply, by:
    • Pausing (Simply waiting patiently until you receive a reply can be a powerful thing! The longer you can wait, the more likely your child will be to “reach down” and come up with some words!)
    • Giving your child an expectant look (Raise your eyebrows, tilt your head.)
    • Tapping your finger to the corner of your lower lip (A cue for her to say something.)
    • Saying to your child: “Tell me.”, “Use your words”, “I don’t understand, please say it again.”

Tip #11: The Bottom Line:
Make sure your child knows that you have a high expectation for her to use words to communicate!