• Self-determination is a quality that can help your child to become a stronger, more self-assured and successful person. It involves making choices for himself (where appropriate).
  • Getting dressed in the morning is an especially good activity for this, as it offers terrific opportunities for your child to make choices for himself.
  • So...rather you than choosing what clothes your child will wear each day, you could begin allowing him to make his own choices.
  • (If time is tight in the mornings at your house, you might try limiting the number of choices: The evening before, lay out only two or three outfits and sets of shoes for him to choose from.)
  • Now, you have to opportunity to discuss choices and reasons. Ask your child to describe the clothes/shoes that he chooses to wear and why he likes them better.
  • Try to find lots of opportunities for your child to make choices throughout the day, then make sure he says (signs) what it is that he’d like to choose (and why, if he’s able).
  • Try teaching your child to say, “May I have ________”, rather than “I want ______”. Your child’s manners will be much more admired out in the wider world!

Tip #10: The Bottom Line:
Give your child many opportunities to make, describe, and explain choices!